What Happens to Cargo When Seas Are Rough?

May 04, 2017


Every year, billions of tons of cargo are shipped by sea via trade routes that date back centuries. The seas opened up a global economy by connecting manufacturing centers with other continents in a cost-effective manner. However, cargo shipment is not without its challenges. One exporter, UK Club, tracks the causes of lost cargo and found a full 25% of cargo destruction is due to physical damage, and temperature-related issues come in second at 14%.

It’s a long journey across the ocean to and from Asia or wherever your production facilities and markets are. A lot can happen on the trip—and we’re not just talking about attacks from sea serpents or being distracted by colonies of singing mermaids. Though if you had to choose one, we recommend you go with the mermaids.


Far more serious and, well real, threats exist during transport—mostly in the form of bad weather, which is why damage prevention is key in any international cargo shipment. No matter how large of a container ship you’re dealing with, when the waves start to come, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for your cargo. We get a first-hand account of what it is like to be on a ship during a storm when one traveler mounted a camera to the wall of his room during a particularly wild (and frustrating) ride. Take a look!


Of course, that’s not the only danger of the seas. High and low temperature extremes are common while sailing between ports around the globe. So not only does your packaging have to stand up against jostling from waves, but also protect the internal temperature environment as well – just like we have created for food companies like ChocolateBakery.com.

How would your packaging stand up to the jostling caused by house-sized waves and extreme temperatures?

Let Ernest Packaging Solutions help by getting your packaging ready for any turbulent situation at sea, on land or in your warehouse. We can minimize breakage with custom package designs focused on cradling, cushioning and protecting your product. And since we’ve proven we can stand up to anything—even a sumo wrestler!—we’re sure that sea serpents don’t stand a chance. Give us a call today to get protected!