Melting Packaging Is Bad. Animals “Melting” Is Good!

April 18, 2017


Did you know that nearly 15% of cargo that is lost in transit comes from temperature-related issues? That is no small number considering the amount of cargo shipped around the world daily. The causes of product loss due to temperature control can be varied but the results are the same: you lose money, time, product and quite possibly your sanity if it keeps happening.

Some common temperature-related threats to packaging are:

  • temperature-controlled cargo stored in direct sunlight or next to heated tanks
  • failed temperature monitoring
  • poor cold-chain packaging design

After all, most things are better when they’re not melted. Things like ice cream and chocolate bunnies tend to be better when they’re in their solid state. So too are cold-chain packaging staples like pharmaceuticals and food items like Chocolate Bakery’s deliciously decadent chocolate cakes. You don’t want these things showing up looking a tad more liquid than they were when they left the manufacturer. When your product needs to keep its cool, Ernest TempEndure is your best bet.

Really, there are only three things we can think of that are better when they’re melted: cheese, The Wicked Witch of the West, and these adorable “melting” animals. Don’t worry, they’re fine! They’re just a little flat.





Thanks to the good people at Bored Panda for collecting these (and other) heart-melting pics.

When melty isn’t so cute is when products become useless or potentially dangerous due to poor packaging and shipping solutions. At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we don’t think using cheap and ineffective packaging is the way to save money. Instead, we believe custom designed packaging and innovative solutions are the way to reduce breakage/loss and increase consumer sales.

If that sounds like something you can get on board with? Give us a call to start your custom designed packaging journey today!