The Generational Food Packaging Divide

February 16, 2016


There are over 320 million Americans alive today and over 7 billion people in the world. And all of them have different interactions with packaging. Well, except the blister-creating packaging. Hatred of blister packaging is the great equalizer of consumers everywhere.

What may appeal to one generation may not be a buying consideration for another generation. Preferred features and styles of packaging vary across these age groups. We’ll help clarify these preferences with a generational breakdown. Once you see how this all settles out, the reasoning behind the generational differences should become quite clear. So, let’s do just that!

What do different generations want and expect from food packaging?

EPS - PackagingGenerations_V2

Food and beverage packaging needs to shine a spotlight on what the different generations value in consumer products. Millennials = mobility. X-ers = flexibility. Boomers = comfortability.

And, unless you’re selling to only one of these generational markets, this means you may need to introduce multiple packaging variations to your product line. The good news is that you have a food packaging partner ready to help! Contact us today with questions about how to maximize your appeal to all consumers by simply giving them what they want in package design.