Throwback Thursday: Bigger Business, Better Packaging Strategy

January 04, 2018

dog with puppy

Another year’s gone by and we’re proud of how we’ve continued to grow and develop! On the first Throwback Thursday of the new year, we want to remind you that we’re here to support your growing packaging needs as well. (And we wanted another chance to look at these cute puppy friends.) 

Growing a business is challenging and exciting. We know! We recently celebrated our 70th year in business—now with 12 divisions across the country. But at heart, we’re still that same family company that started in a garage.

As we have grown, we have learned a thing or two about operations and logistics. That knowledge has helped us understand and apply our expertise to companies who are growing as well! As companies grow they find that their old way just couldn’t cut it, they, need some innovative packaging solutions and custom designs to make the leap to a bigger, better and bolder company – just like we did with a packaging operational overhaul for Frameworks.

And we must be doing something right, the average term of an Ernest Packaging Solutions customer is 20 years!

We know starting your business was like getting a puppy. It’s new, exciting and things get a little crazy from time to time. But as it grows you’ve got something special. And something bigger.

Like this!



Or this!



We’re not saying your product has increased in size, but maybe, just maybe your needs have outgrown your previous packaging capacity. Moving from placing products into boxes inside your garage into a fully formed packaging production facility is daunting. But we’re here to help!

Ernest Packaging Solutions helps you grow by meeting your packaging needs with our team of specialists for all areas of a package. No stone is left unturned; no idea left unexplored until we have created the best solution for you. It’s how we do things, and it’s worked for us since we were little.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to see how our CURE approach to packaging can set you apart from the competition. And you’ll see how rewarding it is to grow bigger and bigger.

Hat tip to Bored Panda for collecting the before and after photos used in this article.