Would You Take a Container Ship Cruise?

September 10, 2015

Picture yourself on a Pacific cruise. You’re breathing in the salty air of the sea and watching the sun rise—the same way explorers did in centuries past. At night, you’re staring up at the enormity of the cosmos, unblemished by lights of billboards and all those cell phones teens can’t put away.

It’s just you and the open ocean…and roughly 16,000 20-foot cargo containers.

Wait, what?

Is that not what you were picturing? Perhaps, you pictured yourself on a party boat cruiser, enjoying dance clubs, fancy dinners, magic shows and whatnot. Well, then, you may be doing it wrong. We here at Ernest Packaging Solutions say you may want to consider taking a cruise on a container ship.

It’s true. Many freighters will allow passengers to rent rooms, have access to private bathrooms, provide meals and let you explore cities when the ship is docked. You just pay a modest sum, do your own laundry and, of course, make sure you’re back to the boat on time before it leaves.

These cargo cruises even have their own travel websites and blogs. But if you’re thinking of taking a several day (or even several month) journey on a freighter, you should probably speak to the cargo champions: Ernest Packaging.

Here are a few travel tips that we have learned from designing package solutions that travel the globe:

Bring lots of sunscreen. The open ocean shows no mercy when it comes to the sun. That’s why our TempEndure® cool packaging is helpful for customers who don’t want their product to overheat on the journey.

Strap in. Cargo ships endlessly sway in the waves as they travel the globe, and sometimes those waves can get pretty assertive. You’ll want to be able to hunker down and keep yourself safe in your room in the event you encounter choppy waters.

Be ready for anything. A savvy traveler knows that not everything will go as planned. So, too, is the case when it comes to package design. Just take a look at the shipping delays that hit the west coast earlier this year for one example.

If you want a honeymoon cruise or dream vacation to the Mediterranean, you’re probably better off talking to a travel agent. To learn about how we can make your packaging solution dreams come true, you will want to contact Ernest Packaging.