The Wilson Files

Charles Wilson is not your average CEO. He believes the key to success in business is putting people first and making real connections. As the backbone of our company for over 70 years, we love to pick his brain about everything to do with people and packaging. (And push-ups.) Check out the blogs and meet Mr. Wilson.


And many more, Mr Wilson.

One Purple Heart, one Bronze Star and one of the kindest, hardest working people of this (or any other!) generation. Our hat’s off to Mr. Charles Wilson.

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mr wilson_man of service

Mr. Wilson, A Man of Service

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Mr. Wilson's birthday bash

Mr. Wilson's 93rd Birthday Bash

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EPS video still

Dinner with Ernest: Episode 1

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Charles Wilson Poems: America Impenetrable

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90-year-old Charles Wilson does 20 push ups!

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Chat with Charles video still

Chat with Charles Highlights

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Download the Ernest and Leatherman Case Study

How do you make premium packaging for a wearable multi-tool that really pops off the shelf? You cut up the rulebook and start from scratch.