Even French Bulldogs Love a Cardboard Box

December 22, 2015


Have you ever had a bad day? Of course you have—everyone has. But have you ever had a bad day after watching a video of an adorable French Bulldog pretending he is a cat and getting all up close and personal with a bunch of cardboard boxes? We’ll go ahead and guess no, you have not.

We’re a fan of the awesome customer experience of unboxing something (and making videos about it) and we can say for sure that more unboxing videos should end this way. This furry little creature is simply mesmerized by the joy of being surrounded by corrugated cardboard boxes. Frankly, we totally understand. It’s something we get to enjoy every day!

The only question we have is why isn’t this video longer? We can only assume the battery ran out on the camera or something because clearly this dog what just hitting his stride!


Looking good! (Source)

We don’t know if these boxes were previously filled with dog treats, peanut butter, squeaky toys, mailman tears or some other canine favorite. What we do know is this little pup cannot get enough of his new favorite toy.

We get it! We’re the kind of people who love to get in and play around with corrugated. That’s why we’ve made such magical things like skateboards, surfboards and even guitars out of paper in our Cardboard Chaos series! Talk about taking packaging to the next level.

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