How Cardboard Can Insulate You from Winter Cold

January 14, 2016


Last week’s NFL game between the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks was the third coldest playoff game on record with wind chills hovering around -20F. The Vikings told fans to bring cardboard to place under their feet within the stadium.


This wasn’t some kind of wacky superstition to help the team win (which it didn’t). There was a real and helpful reason for this suggestion. See, corrugated cardboard traps air in the flutes and, as a result, provides good insulation from freezing ground. Hence, why you see street vendors in places like New York and Chicago standing on pieces of cardboard. It may look strange, but it’s a lot better than having your feet freeze off after 12 hours standing outdoors.

Here’s an Ernest Tip: Looking for some extra comfort from your corrugated cold-fighter? Place some bubble wrap between sheets of cardboard and now you’re standing in frozen weather selling hotdogs like a king!

Other substrates work as insulators much the same way, like styrofoam or sheets of wadded newspaper. For your money and when it comes to cold weather fashion, corrugated claims crème de la crème status. Maybe because we believe cardboard can do anything when given the chance. Like surf on water, shred the slopes or rock and roll all night (and party every day).

Cold chain and corrugated: Two things we know a lot about. Add in reusing materials for sustainability efforts? Now you’re really speaking our language! Don’t get caught in the cold! Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today to see how we can find new and innovative ways to use packaging products.