We're Making Boxing Day All About Us (Again)

December 21, 2018

Happy birthday

Boxing Day? More like UNboxing Day! We’re pumping this holiday up by making it all about the packaging we hold near and dear to our heart.

Color us embarrassed. Ernest Packaging Solutions has been thinking that Boxing Day was a day to celebrate the people who store, ship and protect your cargo with expertly designed packages.

We figured it was always the day after Christmas because that is when everyone is preparing to box up their Holiday decorations, boxing up leftovers and watching as kids play in the boxes that their expensive toys were packaged in.

Apparently, the holiday has more to do with the boxes of gifts that servants and household attendants would get from their employers the day after Christmas in jolly old England.

Well, we’re not buying it.

To us, every day is Boxing Day, or as we’re going to rename it, Packaging Day. So on this Packaging Day, celebrate by taking time to notice all of the ways we package our world and the talented people who make it work.

Every member of the Ernest Packaging Solutions nationwide family sees packaging as something special, something to be honored. This is why we create such amazing customer solutions for our partners. Check out some of our success stories, and if you want to have packaging worth celebrating, contact us today.