Watch out world. Cornflake is our new Chief Twitter Officer.

March 01, 2021



We’re proud to announce an unprecedented new way Ernest will communicate to our faithful followers on Twitter. The powers that be recently gave the thumbs up for Cornflake to control our feed with his two calloused-but-well-manicured thumbs, giving him the title of Chief Twitter Officer (CTO for short). Now, all you real E-Team members out there might be asking yourselves, “Does Cornflake actually even own a smartphone? He seems more like a land-line guy?” “Does a character who’s straight out of the Seventies have the millennial acumen to become an influencer on social?” And finally the most basic of questions, “Does Cornflake actually know what Twitter is?”

We’re about to find out.


With a little help from the younger ranks at Ernest (thank you Justin Burke in Sacramento and Kristin Vega in Los Angeles), Cornflake is set to make that little blue birdie sing. But yes, there were definitely some hiccups as he was trying to digest this whole digital download. For example, Cornflake initially thought you had to SPELL OUT the words “at mention,” resulting in a few failed first tweets and more than a few hours of consternation. He was also overheard in the LA lunchroom saying “hashbrown-for-the-win,” which we can only assume he meant “hashtag.” Upon being corrected for his mistake by a dev across the table, he asked Kenny Briggs if he could call it the pound sign. To which Kenny replied,

“Whatever makes the most sense to you, Cornflake.”


So, brave digital pioneers of Ernest, batten down the hatches and get prepared for a Twitter storm that already has the National Weather Service nervous. After all, Cornflake is renowned for pummeling packaging problems and twisting inefficiencies into submission.

He’s not, however, renowned for his social graces.

But as we all must, it’s time for Cornflake to change with times. Even though we WILL have to be a bit patient at the beginning. I.e. tweets aren’t snacks, engagement doesn’t involve jewelry or a bended knee and IMHO definitely doesn’t mean what he thinks it means.

In the meantime, we invite you to revisit the E-Team videos to see if this bad boy of packaging is ready to take to Twitter. The smart money is on yes, because he’s not only a quick study. He’s itching for a new megaphone to get the message of Ernest’s unstoppability out to the masses.