You’ll Want to Bring this Fried Chicken Bucket to the Scrum

September 26, 2017

Fried chicken

There are fewer fast food symbols more iconic than the bucket of fried chicken. When you see that jumbo pail brimming with crispy delicacies, your mouth can’t help but water. In the wake of other fast food packaging getting some pretty crazy revamps over the years, one corporate sponsorship might take the humble fried chicken bucket to its next stage of evolution as headwear.

KFC was recently announced as a brand sponsor of New Zealand’s Rugby League World Cup 2017, and some designers are licking their fingers over the packaging possibilities. Below are some concepts from New Zealand firm 485 Design, who imagine a new spin on the iconic fried chicken bucket.

Photos: 485 Design

We’ve seen KFC implement some pretty wacky, yet functional, ideas before in markets outside the US, but we’d love to see these concepts come to fruition.  At Ernest Packaging Solutions we know how important it is to better connect with consumers, and nowhere is it more important than in food packaging.

Great food packaging has the power to heighten a consumer’s experience with your product and keeping your food safe and under the right temperature conditions is just the tip of the iceberg. If your packaging can tie in with another passion, like their sports team of choice, that’s guaranteed finger-lickin’ good!

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