Shaun White Would’ve Taken Home the Gold If He Had Used Our Corrugated Snowboard

February 20, 2014


We’re all about innovative thinking here at Ernest Packaging Solutions, but sometimes a test comes along that is just outrageous. And frankly, we love it. Signal Snowboards approached Ernest with a unique proposition: They wanted a snowboard that was made of paper and was totally disposable, biodegradable and earth-friendly to be featured in their Every Third Thursday video series.

We never shy away from a tough project, so Mike Martinez, director of consulting services, and a team that included our own President Tim Wilson accepted the challenge. The results?

Now that is a package-engineering showing for the ages! If only Team USA would have approached us earlier, we probably could have helped them bring home a few more gold medals – and we could have helped protect their new jewelry coming back from Sochi, too.

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For more on this *cool* challenge, be sure to check out the “Ask Me Anything” discussion on Reddit with Dave Lee of Signal Snowboards, Feb. 20 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST!

(photo: Signal Snowboards)