These Geometric Pastries Really Take the Cake

August 29, 2017

Pastry chef taking slice of

It’s no secret we at Ernest have a huge sweet tooth. We’re still drooling thinking about the delicious cake from Mr. Wilson’s recent birthday party, and we’ve just stumbled upon a sweet treat that’s making our mouths water all over again.

Dinara Kasko is a Ukrainian pastry chef whose creations are a feast for the eyes AND stomach. She has designed silicone cake molds that twist ordinary pastry recipes into extraordinary geometric desserts; pastry pyramids and pentagons bake alongside tasty trifle triangulations, like something out of Willy Wonka’s factory. Check out some of her innovative designs below!

Photos: Dinara Kasko

We’re sure Chef Kasko’s sweets are as delicious as they are breathtaking, but what would happen to them during shipping if they weren’t properly packaged? Well, we’re reminded of an unbelievable story of pastry transportation from our co-founder Mr. Wilson’s past:

Put in charge of bringing the dessert to a party, Mr. Wilson decided to roll up in style with his wife’s fresh, homemade berry pie in the back of his open convertible. During the drive, he couldn’t figure out why pedestrians were dodging on the sidewalks as he passed by. He got his answer when he arrived at the party: half of the pie had flown off during the drive!

We know how heartbreaking it is to lose a beautiful pastry before it reaches its destination. That’s why we’ve developed a whole portfolio full of packaging solutions to make transporting delicacies an easy matter.

It all starts with TempEndure®. Once the baked goods are safe inside and insulated at their proper temperature, we move onto the outer packaging to ensure nothing damages our sweets until we get our teeth on them. That’s where SteelBoard® comes in. These proprietary Ernest solutions are just the tip of the iceberg, and each package is custom-made whether you’re sending cakes, éclairs or cookies. For the record, please send all baked goods of any variety to Ernest HQ for taste testing.

Watch this sweet success story below to see how we helped one online baker safely transport their beautiful cakes.