Stop, in the Name of Innovation! Defend Your Home Against Killer Zombies

March 07, 2013

Our Ernest Packaging Solutions engineering and packaging consultants know about protecting your product. Packaging that looks good is only half the battle, it has to be safe. Need to keep your product cold? Our TempEndure product line is for you. Need water proof packaging? We have a solution for that.

That’s why we were psyched to see this zombie proof house. Talk about protection! These super-prepared homeowners successfully repackaged their home as a zombie-proof safe haven. We at Ernest Packaging Solutions can keep critters, heat, moisture and more on the outside looking in, but we will accept any challenge, including keeping an advancing army of undead at bay. Just like this house below.

Boom. No zombies are ever getting past those giant concrete slabs. The beauty behind their innovation is that the house is still completely livable. Their quality of life will not be sacrificed in order to keep out those pesky zombies.


In case you wondered how to escape: This sweet drawbridge will have you away from the enemy in a flash. Awesome.

So you want a zombie-proof box like this? We can do that. We can do anything, just bring us your challenge.