Throwback Thursday: A World Without Packaging

July 23, 2015

Earlier this week we wrote about packageless shipments–believe it or not, Ripley’s held a contest where a potato and other oddities attempted to make their way through the mail system. It got us thinking of the many functions of packaging (really, we’re always thinking about the many functions of packaging), so this Throwback Thursday we revisit the warnings of a wold without packaging.

First things first, watch this video:

It’s funny, and even if you don’t speak German you’ll get the point. The message is clear and nothing too profound but beneath the humor is a very real lesson in what makes great packaging.

Good consumer packaging should convey a message about the product, hold the product safely and make the customers buying experience as simple as possible.

Anyone can make a box, a bottle or a bundle but to make it the best takes skill, smarts and a superior team.

There has got to be a better wayA world without packaging would quickly digress into a frustrating, if not comical, existence where those irritating infomercial caricatures of people failing miserably at simple tasks would become a reality.

There’s Got To Be A Better Way!!

One common, albeit strange, line of thinking is that packaging is often thought of as a lesser commodity. People pay for a premium, they expect to do so. Cars, watches, sunglasses, hairstylists, electronics, etc. all have strong markets driven by consumers who want something better than the norm.

Is packaging any different?

Is packaging a throw-away commodity or is it something that would give your brand distinction? Is the cheapest route always the best route? We all agree that the cheapest way, i.e. no packaging, isn’t an answer so what’s the right investment for you?

The answer to all of these are yes, no and sometimes. We at Ernest are here to answer these questions for your product, the only answer that matters. Whether you are looking to distinguish yourself from the competitors, reduce costs, reduce materials or any combination of these or other problems we have the team to get you on the right path.