When it comes to support, we’re a machine.


Looking for assistance in installation or implementation? Looking for a tech support team that always has your back? Then look no further. We’ll help you get the right machinery for the job, the right packaging for your product and the right tools to keep it running smoothly.


Before we get started, we take a good, hard look at your packaging chain. This holistic audit allows us to provide recommendations on exactly the machinery you need. And since we understand this can sometimes be a large expenditure, we’ll never deliver machines that don’t make a return on your investment.

Technical support

Our commitment doesn’t stop when we install a new machine or update your processes. We pride ourselves on being your continued partner today and into the future. That’s why we offer technical support that spans across everything from machinery to logistics. In other words, you can always call for backup.


Nobody can mess with Mother Nature. But you can choose a partner who’ll provide unparalleled protection from the elements. Whether it’s our Steelboard Weather to protect against moisture and humidity or our K-Technology that eliminates the need for costly liners, we’ll protect it from A to B, anywhere in the USA.

Tim talks with Cornflake

Tim sits down with the wholesome and awesome Cornflake to talk product support and implementation. They’ll tell you what it takes to install, to enthrall and to keep it all protected from the real criminal: the elements.

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How do you make premium packaging for a wearable multi-tool that really pops off the shelf? You cut up the rulebook and start from scratch.