Halloween Candy Packaging: Monstrously Creative

October 29, 2018


Last year’s Halloween candy packaging was delightful and frightful, and this year is shaping up to be no different! Just like a mummy, the candy waiting for trick-or-treaters is wrapped up to scare. We’ve packaged up a few of our favorites to give you a sneak peek at what to expect on the spookiest night of all!


Halloween Kit Kat
Photo courtesy of The Hershey Company

Kids aren’t the only ones getting dressed up for Halloween this year! Individually wrapped Kit Kat bars will be sporting new packaging for the holiday, with packaging inspired by popular costumes. Trick-or-treaters can grab a treat wrapped like a cowboy, ghost or skeleton to add to their stash of sweets.

Halloween Sour Patch Kids
Photo courtesy of Mondelez International

Sour Patch Kids are taking a step further — their actual candies will be disguised! The brand’s Tricksters line has their sweet and sour candies masquerading as flavors that don’t match their colors. When blue raspberry is wearing a red costume… does that just make it regular raspberry?? We’ve put our greatest minds on the case (and our greatest stomachs, too).


Halloween M&M's
Photo courtesy of Mars, Incorporated

The Mars company really went all out with packaging this year. As if glow-in-the-dark wrappers weren’t enough, they’re sending their candies through a cardboard haunted house! M&M’s steal the show here, fleeing in terror from all the hungry Halloweenies and peckish parents waiting to tear open a pouch. Be afraid, little chocolates. Be very afraid.

Halloween Skitles
Photo courtesy of The Wrigley Company

If you’re feeling like fruitier flavors, Skittles and Starburst are no less spooky. Check out this monstrous bag they’re packed in this year! The treats you’ll find inside are half sweet and half sour, but that bag is 100% great Halloween packaging. You can even see how low your candy rations are getting through the creature’s mouth!

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year at Ernest Packaging Solutions. The holiday is an excuse for companies to go all out with candy packaging for just one night, and the level of creativity on display is positively frightening!

If you’re still wondering how to package your kiddo for the big night, packaging can provide some great inspiration. You can’t do better than these cardboard costumes… though our employees really showed off our love for Halloween this year!

Ernest Halloween group

Ernest Halloween peanut butter

Ernest Halloween face paint

Ernest Halloween witches