Scope Our Extreme Launch on Instagram!

July 07, 2017


We’ve got some extreme news on this edition of the Ernest Blog, and what better time to share it than when the X Games are ramping up in Minneapolis!

Each year, the ESPN’s X Games showcase athletes who push their sport to the limit. Legends like Bob Burnquist (skateboard) and Shaun White (snowboard) show the world awesome feats of human achievement, and we’ll definitely be tuning in to watch them and all the athletes they’ve inspired.

We’re no strangers to extreme sports ourselves: Tony Hawk himself can vouch for our sick cardboard skateboard, and we’re already prepping the next generation for a lifetime of shredding with our cardboard bike. And it might not be quite the season for it yet, but our cardboard snowboard is ready to hit the slopes, once again, this winter!

Our own president, Tim Wilson, knows how to push his sport—custom packaging—to a whole other level too. His daredevil challenges such as a motorcycle jump through a ring of fire (with fireworks on his back) and a 3,000-foot free fall from a plane (protected only by a bubble wrap suit) show just how far the Ernest team will go to protect our customers’ packages.

Extreme as that is, the week just gets better. We’re excited to announce that Ernest Packaging Solutions is now on Instagram!

We’re pretty stoked to meet new people on the channel and spread some Cardboard Chaos! We’ll be kicking off our Instagram account by revisiting some classic Ernest content and also featuring exclusive sneak peeks at what’s in our packaging pipeline. So if you love the blog (and what’s not to love?), get the behind-the-scenes story by following @Ernest_Packaging on Instagram!