A DIY Cardboard Soda Dispenser? We’re Bubbly With Ideas!

August 10, 2017


Food and beverage manufacturers deal with cardboard all the time. Most retail packaging and POP displays are crafted from corrugated, and products shipped to restaurants often come in corrugated containers. It’s kinda the unofficial mascot of the industry.

Despite the nearly universal application of corrugated cardboard, packaging for food and bev brands varies immensely. It can differentiate retail winners from losers every day, but packaging is only the start. Some brands have the added challenge of delivering different customer experiences in multiple locations. Take, for instance, soda (or pop or the all-encompassing “coke” depending on where you live).

Many people will consume any particular product in a bottle from a convenience store, in a bottle/can/2-liter at home and/or at a restaurant from a soda fountain using local water supplies. Very different experiences, yet the product should always be the same to the consumer.

Which brings up to this rad project from The Q Tube. A DIY soda dispenser made out of cardboard, a 9-volt battery, mini air pump and a few wires/tubes. 

Fountain-style soda at home?! This is literally every kid’s fantasy come to life. That being said, we have a few ideas that could make this idea really bubble over! We could keep those sodas nice and frosty with a TempEndure® insert, or give the enclosure the strength to stand up to eager, thirsty kids with our SteelBoard® packaging. The ideas are springing forth like a (soda) fountain because we’ve done all sorts of cool things with food and beverage packaging over the years!

Long-time Ernest blog readers will recall us saying, “We’re an engineering company that happens to work in packaging,” and that holds true for every step of the packaging process. You don’t have to take a DIY approach to optimizing your process; Ernest knows what works because we’ve seen it all.

Ernest Packaging Solutions is here to help you create, produce and deliver custom package designs for your food and beverage brand. Contact us today to see how we can make your packaging “pop” in new and exciting ways.