Before Sharknado, There Was Sharkcane! And the Ernest Challenge

August 07, 2013

All the recent hubbub surrounding the extraordinary and incredible Sharknado phenomenon has got us thinking: Doesn’t going toe-to-toe with natural disasters and sharks sound incredibly familiar?


Yep, sure does!

First we tackled Mother Nature at her toughest in the Hurricane Ernest Challenge video. This was followed by a daring high “steaks” dive by President Tim Wilson — all in the name of prime meat packaging — in the Shark Ernest Challenge video. (What a nice swim down Memory Lane!) It was only after these feats by Ernest Packaging Solutions that Sharknado came into the forefront of public consciousness!

This comes as no surprise, what with the trendsetting role we’ve taken on. 😉 So what do you think? Should Tim dip his toes into shark-infested waters again? Is it time for round two with Mother Nature’s fiercest storm?

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