Your Customers’ Beef With Generic Products: How to Package Them to Please

June 07, 2012


You’re walking into the supermarket, and you see a plethora of generic products competing with yours. Let’s get one thing straight: People don’t always like generics, despite their low prices. Nevertheless, you know that YOUR generic is the better than the rest, of course. But how do you convey that to consumers who are already overwhelmed? In the cutthroat realm of consumer packaging, your generic product needs to stand out in the crowd.

shocking packaging
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See, that caught your attention!  Sometimes the best approach is to package something in a manner that is SHOCKING. Bright colors! Catchy phrases! LOUD NOISES! A little bit of humor.

But … come on. That’s not going to be appropriate for, say, a healthcare product, that needs to convey trust and empathy.

See, it’s really not that simple. It is possible to make each and every generic product stand out in the crowd, but the strategy is different depending on your target audience. Ernest Packaging Solutions can help you pick the approach that’s right for you, and THAT you can count on!

The Ernest Packaging Solutions team can put their creative hats on to help you merchandize your product. We can help you get into the minds of your consumer. Let us help you help them learn why YOUR product is better than the rest. For more information on Ernest Packaging Solutions Retail Design, click here.