The E-Team: Where Problems Get Muscled By Solutions

September 11, 2018

On September 1, 2018, an elite commando unit was sent to prison by a court of their competitors for the crime of moving packaging forward. These men and women promptly escaped from a maximum security bubble wrap stockade to the Los Angeles underground.

Today, still wanted dead or alive, they survive as packaging mercenaries. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them… maybe you should hire… The E-Team.

WARNING: Some material in this blog may lead to feelings of uncrushability.

In a world where bad damage happens to good packages, the E-Team is packing heat and packing peanuts. They say there’s no problem too big or too small for this elite task force of packaging experts — “E-Team came to kick butt and pop bubble wrap,” sneers Tim “Cornflake” Wilson, the group’s grizzled leader. “And we’re all outta bubble wrap.”

From package design to supply chain management, E-Team has seen the worst of the worst… and solve those problems without breaking a sweat. That’s why they risk their necks to move packaging forward, and they pity any fool crazy enough to stand in their way!

Word on the street is something big went down over at MobilTech HQ — that old box of bolts they called a shrink tunnel finally blew, and the smoke was so funky it nearly made Cornflake put down his cigar for good. Anyone with an ear to the ground would tell you E-Team was on the scene quicker than same-day delivery.

E-Team is a well-oiled machine — and making sure you’ve got the right machinery for the right use is what they do best. When it comes to product support and implementation, they say these E-Team cats are one bad mother-


We’re talkin’ bout E-Team!


They get in, they get out, and somewhere in between, E-Team manages to save the day. Even when the evils of distribution rear their ugly heads, your package was safe — and the mooks who stand in E-Team’s way are anything but.

Brian Porterhouse, E-Team’s muscle, says, “I train every day to make sure your package can take a beating. Putting that training to use against hired thugs is just a perk of the job.”

Now you’re starting to see why their reputation in the industry is legendary.  If you have a packaging problem and need to find a solution, who ya gonna call?

You’re darn right. The E-Team: Where problems get muscled by solutions.