Opening (Garage) Doors Since 1946

November 17, 2016


EPS_GarageStartups (3)

What do all of these garages have in common?

Some of the world’s greatest companies began in garages. You’re probably even reading this blog on a device made by a company founded in a garage.

Nike, Amazon, Google, Disney, Apple, Microsoft … you name it, and it probably was founded with some tables and chairs in an old garage. That’s exactly how Ernest started—in a humble garage in 1946. From garage to garage, we’ve been opening doors to packaging innovation around the country for 70 years.

And 25,500 days later we now have 12 divisions across the country and have had our products tour around the world, get the seal of approval from legendary athletes and hang with rock stars. More importantly, we are still a family-owned business who treats the thousands of people who have worked with us through the years as family too.

Want more? Learn all about our history by watching the video below.

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We’re so proud of all that we have been able to accomplish over the years. After all, we are now home to over a million sq. feet of warehouse space in cities across the country. Through it all, we continue to hang on to the culture that made us a successful family company. Now doesn’t that sound like someone you want to work with? Give us a call today to learn how to get started.