Sustainable Holiday Packaging Tips

December 16, 2019

Tis the season, but what about afterwards? If Christmas morning looks like a mountain of packaging headed to the garbage bin for your customers, it’s time to think about making the holidays greener.

Your packaging doesn’t have to end up in the recycling bin right away. Just like this clever FedEx video points out, with a little imagination your customer can reuse your packaging through the rest of the holidays.


If your inner packaging is the right shape, your customer can use the leftover box to store ornaments. But here’s an even neater idea: they could use your box to MAKE ornaments!

If you sell products for children, this is your chance to make a fun activity for the whole family. Harness your creative energy and help them make cardboard ornaments and decorations from your box. You can include instructions like these inside your box:

1) Grab your favorite cookie cutter and trace it onto the box with a pencil. 

2) Cut out the shape and use a pencil to poke a hole in the top of the shape.

3) Pick a pretty ribbon and thread it through the hole you made.

4) Time to decorate! Make your ornament holly and jolly with markers, glitter and glue.

5) Hang it on the tree for all to see.

Cardboard ornaments can become heirlooms that get put on the tree every holiday season. That’s years of cherished memories with your packaging to thank.


Eating gingerbread is easy, but putting together a festive gingerbread village can be hard for little hands. Your packaging can come to the rescue, just in time for the holidays!

Cardboard can give a shaky gingerbread house some much-needed structural support. You can set up scraps from your package as a sturdy backbone for the construction. Kids can prop their gingerbread pieces against cardboard then ice and decorate to their heart’s content.

If all that’s left in your customer’s house is cookie crumbs, cardboard itself can make a convincing replacement for gingerbread. Check out these awesome creations for inspiration:

sustainable holiday
Photos courtesy of Little Red Window

Creative packaging solutions make your product more than just a good gift — they make you a partner for the holidays. If you need help thinking outside the box, get in touch! Our solutions can help make your holidays merry, bright and sustainable.